Dr Antonia Whitley – Italian Renaissance Art History

Antonia Whitely

Antonia Whitley has a passion for art. Her first love is the Renaissance, the Italian Renaissance. The spark was ignited when, as a child, she was taken to Pisa and, looking down from the summit of the Leaning Tower, she first saw the beautiful cluster of Romanesque buildings, faced in white marble, arcading and colonnades, which make up the Piazza dei Miracoli.

She is also keen on the art of the First World War… And has run an MA course on war art in the War Studies department at Kings College, London. She enjoys reviewing exhibitions as well as lecturing for or at the National Gallery.

Antonia has taught art history for over twenty-one years to adults of all ages, both newcomers and those with a background in art. This activity takes place in Italy and in the UK, where she is regularly asked to speak to Societies and Art History Groups. She loves sharing her enthusiasm with others. Her lectures combine energy with expert knowledge.

She completed her MA and PhD at the Warburg Institute, London University.

Antonia’s greatest weakness is a love of jewellery. 

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