Museum Visits Renaissance Art

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Antonia’s Art Trails

Antonia’s Art Trails are study sessions run in London museums and at other special venues, on a variety of topics. They are all about looking through the lens at  a given topic. They focus on attention to detail, challenging ideas and juicy anecdotes. The trails will appeal to those who have engaged and enquiring minds.

Popular Topics include:

Seeing Signs and Deciphering Symbols
The hidden language of objects in painting

The Finest Florentines
A survey of some of the big names and what made them so 

The Painted Face: It’s all in the Look

The Mystery of the Masterpiece

Piero della Francesca – Poet of Colour and Tone

World War One at the Imperial War Museum

World War One Memorial Walks in London

Sienese Serenity and Style

Topics are always changing. Apart from art, sculpture and architecture, Antonia speaks on war art (WW1), dress, jewellery, patronage, saints and sinners.