Trails, Tours and Lectures

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our lecture and really looking forward to the next one.”

“That was such a lovely, interesting and stimulating morning. Thank you very much for making it really informative and also fun. I really enjoyed being with you and the nice group…”

“Antonia, thanks. I very much enjoyed the last trail and I’d like to reserve two tickets for the next one.”

“Another terrific trail – absolutely enthralling.  I can’t wait for the next one!”

“You gave us a totally new perspective on some well-known paintings and of course it was such a bonus to see some hitherto unknown to us, like the Caravaggio.”

“You are a wonderful speaker and make us all think outside our normal box and comfort zone – truly inspiring and thought provoking so THANK you for a wonderful morning.”

“Thank you so much for such a rich experience on Wednesday.  Mells was splendid, as was your background talk en route.  What a good day!”

“Wonderful talk on Orpen, great subject, glimpse into his inner life, one of the best we’ve had!”

“Antonia was an amazing lecturer. Of all our Martin Randall tours no one has enabled us to understand, interpret and enjoy art to the degree that Antonia did. She is a real expert.”

“You have a unique ability to bring art alive; I loved the way you taught us to really look at a painting and see how rich it is.”

“Antonia made the art come alive. She was fun, kind and great to be with.”

“Dr Antonia Whitley’s knowledge and clear delivery was exceptional while her humour and lightness complemented the immense amount of information she shared.”

“An excellent lecturer who taught by asking questions of the group.”

“Knowledgeable, specific, good way of communicating. Fantastic, I will go on many other tours with her.”

“Antonia’s knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the subject was excellent and it was shared with the party with humour and sensitivity.”

“Antonia was a font of fascinating information, delivered with such verve and vivacity — it could never become boring.”

“It was very interesting to have a lecturer of Antonia’s standing with such incredible knowledge in breadth, depth, passion and detail of her subject.”

“Pitched just right. Antonia’s sense of fun added greatly to the experience.”

“Antonia is my hero – succinct, informative and fun. Her scholarship is impressive.”“The lecturer was excellent at what she did.”

“Antonia was impeccable on every count. Very stimulating and made us think.”

“Excellent, knowledgeable, open to suggestions, easy to hear and follow.”

“She managed to strike a perfect balance between the academic and social inputs.”

“One of the best lecturers I have ever had. Succinct, clear and concise, interesting to a variety of intellectual levels, she never overdid or underdid the information. She is a treasure.”

“Dr Whitley is a wonderful teacher who possesses not only academic gifts but genuine social graces. She is a beautiful person inside and out (a rare quality) and it was a privilege to have met her.”

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